F 1992 95'

Director: Claire Simon
Camera: Claire Simon
Sound: Dominique Lancelot
Editing:: Susanne Koch
Music:: Pierre-Louis Garcia, Pierre-Louis Garcia
Production:: Les films d'ici

“There was once a tiny country. So tiny that it resembled more a theatrical stage. Two to three times a day the country is inhabited by its small citizens. The country is named the Schoolyard and its citizens are children. Director Claire Simon's Recreations is a suggestive and in places surrealistic study of the children's fantasy world.... In the micro-world of the Schoolyard emerge micro-bonds and micro-power relationships, which in many ways are reminiscent of the adult world, yet are guided by its own rules. Thanks to cameras located at the height of the children's eyes we do not see the hustle and bustle of the five-to eight-year-old children from above, but become part of their world.