Terms and Conditions

1. The terms and conditions govern the contractual relationship between artfilm.ch Ltd. and customers regarding orders on the website artfilm.net.

2. artfilm.ch Ltd. offers on the website artfilm.ch movies for sale (DVD, Bluray and books). Media are offered as long as stock lasts. Prices in CHF are inclusive of VAT for customers from Switzerland. For clients from abroad VAT, customs surcharges and customs processing fees in the destination country are not included in the price and charged directly to the customers from the respective offices.

3. Unless otherwise stated in the bill, the media will only be sold for private use within the meaning of the Swiss copyright law. For copies sold the exhaustion principle applies (means: you can rent or resell the copy for private use).

4. Orders can be paid by credit card.

5. The DVD are shipped at least once a week. The total shipping duration its 10 days in average.

6. Sales are definitive. In the following cases, the media can be returned within 90 days of the sale:
- Defective media or media not compatible with the player.
- Language version or region code does not match the information on the website.
The media have to be sent by mail to artfilm.ch Ltd, Rue Saint Roch 28, 1004 Lausanne. In case of return the buyer pays the return postage. After receipt, we will advise the credit cart company to refund you.
Some of our DVD are manufactured directly as small series burned DVD-R from the producers. These cases are mentioned on the respective page of the DVD. DVD-R are known to be less compatible with all devices. We offer these titles, because otherwise they would simply not be available.

7. There is no right to return media of good quality.

8. artfilm.ch Ltd. records only personal data that are necessary to process your order. These are:
- In the case of a sale the name, password, e-mail, postal address, vouchers, payment method, the last 4 digits of the credit card number, IP address, country and affiliate code.
- In the case of rent the email, password, vouchers, payment method, the last 4 digits of the credit card number, IP address, country and affiliate code.
- In the case of the mailing list the email and language.

9. artfilm.ch Ltd. does not give customer data to third parties, neither paid or for free.

10. The credit card payments are handled via PostFinance who records your name, address, order number and credit card information in a separate database. artfilm.ch Ltd. does not have access to the security codes of credit cards.

11. The website uses video from external providers (especially YouTube, Vimeo). It is possible that these providers associate the use of artfilm.ch with other uses.

12. The information on the site are provided only for personal use and for information purposes. artfilm.ch Ltd. accepts no responsibility for its accuracy, completeness and timeliness. But we are pleased to accept information on factual errors and will correct these.

13. artfilm.ch Ltd. programmed the site to our best knowledge, but assumes no responsibility for any damages whatsoever that may arise through the use of websites on your computer.

14. artfilm.net contains many links to external sites, but artfilm.ch Ltd. assumes no responsibility for its contents.

15. Furthermore, the Swiss Code of Obligations shall apply. Jurisdiction is Lausanne. It is always worth to contact us first if you are discontent with a product (info@artfilm.ch).

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